Latino Leadership Intensive - Spring 2018

May 09 — 10, 2018   Chicago, IL

Floria Hager - Allstate Insurance

I went into this conference hoping to learn more about our unique strengths and opportunities.  I came back with so much more—tips on how to grow and advance in my career which were very helpful.

Alyssa Galvan - Facebook

I had the privilege of having my first Latino-specific development opportunity be the Latino Leadership Convention in Chicago with my instructors Robert and Angel. The two-day course was built on a solid understanding of the unique challenges that Latino professionals like myself face in the workplace, and the teachings aimed to give us effective tips and tools to enhance the leadership capability of Latino talent and outline how we could reconcile our culture's native skill set with overall corporate culture. Specifically, I learned how to elicit effective feedback from peers and managers, how to communicate and balance leadership priorities clearly, different ways to make crucial decisions, how to listen actively and establish executive presence, how to coach and develop colleagues while learning how to help managers coach me, and so much more. The two-day course was interactive, collaborative, and cathartic for me, and the instructors were encouraging and demonstrative. I can't recommend the Latino Leadership Convention enough - it's been truly helpful for me as a young professional!

Patricia Diaz - Accenture

Fulfilling, empowered and breathtaking experience. Left me with a feeling of belonging, connection and drive to accomplish my present and future career goals.

Teresa Morales - Meijer

The sessions were geared towards understanding life in corporate America with a ‘Latin twist’. Meaning, it lets us understand how our upbringing and environment could affect the way we interact with co-workers when we are trying to complete projects and tasks. The sessions were very interactive and fun!

Raul Santiago - Allstate Insurance

It was great sharing and comparing our wide range of diverse leadership experiences. Experiences that have helped shape us and could help shape and benefit others. Experiences that helped us find and/or define those “aha” moments.

Jenna Grezlik - Facebook

The Latin Leadership Program was a great experience, and was time well spent.  Robert and Angel walked us through challenges that Latinx professionals face in the workplace.  Knowing these cultural challenges exists is invaluable in itself.  The Latin Leadership Program also equipped us with techniques and best practices that we can use to overcome these challenges, and excel as leaders in our careers.  I highly recommend this program for all Latinx professionals, and future professionals.